OPERATION HELP ME HELP CHARLES GO TO HOBBITCON (and get a watercolor work from me in the process!)

Or, well, help me get Charles to HobbitCon for my own selfish reasons heh.

I would dearly like for captainimaginary to be able to go to Hobbitcon, but I haven’t that much money to spare so I thought a good way to go about it was to offer watercolor commissions where everything goes towards Charles’ expenses for Hobbitcon 2015!

Prices are as follows;

A6: $10 (for just characters) / $12 (w/full BG)

A5: $16 / $25

A4: $45 and up depending

If you’d like a motive the size of an A6 piece on an A4 piece, you’re of course only paying for the A6 size!

Send me an email at consulting_detective (at) live.com if you’re interested. I’m afraid tumblr asks have a high chance of getting eaten which would be a shame!

Shares would be greatly appreciated <3

Full size examples under the cut;

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Experimenting with some #FaberCastell watercolor pencils I was gifted recently! Decided I’d try my hand at a few illustrations of how the characters from #HarryPotter looked when I was a kid since I’m re-reading the books for the first time in like 10 years ATM 😬(Photos of watercolor works always look so weird, boo 😖 looks far better IRL!) #Goldentrio #HP

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I need your help, every fan artist need to read this post.





Last night I found, for the 100th time, some fan art I made in a Facebook fan page, this one: I Left My Heart in Middle Earth

I kindly put the link under my pics asking for credits… the only thing I got was this status: 


Notice that she is NOT putting the credits even if I put the link under every single art… So I told her that it’s not a solution, she MUST put the credits, I gave her the link.
HERE you can find my comment, now it’s been deleted because I’m blocked by this girl.

Then I got this:


Then there was a lot of status (You can find the screen I took HERE), now they all has been deleted because she blocked me, ladycibia, ladynorthstar and kurosmind, for asking her to credit our work in that page: we all have been blocked and she is not giving the credits to any of our and your art.

So, I really hope this won’t bother you too much (I’m upset just like Cibia, Northstar and Kurosmind), but I want to tag once again all the artists I can recognize in her gallery, and I really wish that we all together will do something, I’m reporting that page, over and over again, because it’s not fair to treat artists like that, like machines, like “I don’t care I’m using your WORK”, I’m sick of it, I have enough of this mentality and I’m really asking you to do something this time, because that girl has passed the line.

hvit-ravn, dwarfsmut @kaciart, lanimalu, megatruh ewebean, petitpotato, shaerahaek, brilcrist, papermachette, mirimap, nelyo3, maxkennedy24 mhyin, luirumi, hattedhedgehog, spader7, @sparkles-drawing-den …

I will try to tag and message everyone of you, I ask to reblog this for knowing what is going on, and tag all the artists you can recognize, maybe I will just bother you, but I think is right to let you know that this is actually happening, on a page with 5700+ like, and no one of us have a credit.

Remember, this is the page:
» I Left My Heart In Middle Earth 
And there she left also our credits!!! 

I tag other artists I recognized: kaciart closetshipping poralizer  radiorcrist
Please help us! Signal that page!

Thank you for the notification, kurosmind! Wrote a comment on the upload of my art (there’s only one right? This girl has uploaded so many pictures….), which has apparently gotten me banned as well.

Not a very polite request, but seeing how she has responded to others really made me angry. Also this was a request from someone, uploading it without respect for that just makes it worse.

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Oh noo I didn’t see this until now. I hope you do another one!! It seems like such a fun idea!

Hmm. If you don’t mind it, we can do a smaller one? ohmaedhros messaged me about wanting to join but didn’t see the post until late. We three can do it together if you like?

Oh gosh tumblr didn’t notify me of this! Apologies for the late reply - I’d love to do it with the two of you, if the offer is still standing!

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Art shenanigans on FB

I made a FB page for my art for all those ‘oh no a non-fandom person is inquiring about my art’ moments. I can actually refer them to somewhere now.

Thought I’d share in case anyone would be interested.

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A (very grainy) picture of a watercolor piece I just managed to finish today - I went to see The Crucible with fussydori earlier today and it was MARVELOUS. What a cast. Especially the younger ones were so impressive.

We wanted to go to the stage door afterwards, and I thought I’d see if I could get something done to give Armitage (if he would be comfortable with receiving such), but she felt ill in the evening so we’re going to go tomorrow!
Let’s see if I dare give it to him. Haven’t signed, not planning to, I’ve just written ‘thank you’ on the back.

If you can - go watch this play. Return tickets seem to be easy to obtain, at least for the matinees, and it is a W O N D E R F U L, intense, intimate performance. Everyone does so great and have such great chemistry.

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drakyrna replied to your post “I really want to participate in the hobbitreversebang but I have no…”

Y’know, I’m having the exact same problem.

I hope you figure something out!

shamingcows replied to your post “I really want to participate in the hobbitreversebang but I have no…”

Fluff is always good! We need more fluff, especially with the timeline of the reverse bang. Just think up some ideas and apply, then give it more thought afterward?

Aah yes that is true! And I think I will just go ahead and brainstorm for some shire!AU (one can never have enough of that) - thank you for your reply

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I really want to participate in the hobbitreversebang but I have no idea what to draw. I’m so unimaginative it’s ricidulous;;; All I draw is dumb fluffy art, I am absolutely not capable of anything dramatic I think… Doing a short comic with a couple panels would be fun, but I really don’t know what to draw aaa ;~;

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Anon asked for Lester falling through the ice in palette Q!

Oh Lester. You got what you deserved, you shit.

All closed for palette requests, thanks for all of them! Going through the remaining now.

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The Little Mermaid in #11 for  !

Tried to do something a bit different. Hope you like it!

All closed for palette requests, thanks for all of them! Going through the remaining now.

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Fatummeum asked for Thorin and Bilbo in #13! It kind of took on a life of its own.

References vaguely used for poses, since cuddles are still a mystery to me.

(Shoot, I forgot the tattoos I had sketched for Thorin. Might go back and add them.)

Send me an ask to request one (or several!) characters done with one of these palettes! (Please specify which one you’re referring to if choosing #1-18 for either of the numbered ones ♥ )

((I have quite a few in my inbox so apologies if it takes a while for me to get to yours, I am working my way through them and highly enjoying it!)

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Warmup ‘sketches’ that got a bit away from me. #29 and #79 respectively from this palette. Had my sister come up with a random number for Sherlock, found a palette for John myself.

Honestly, the urge to draw these two came from following the news about Dashcon this weekend and stumbling upon a pair of brilliant Sherlock and John cosplayers, NGL. Haven’t had a lick of inspiration for anything Sherlock related, but boom there we go. Both drawn from memory, apologies for any mistakes. Ca 45min each.

Continuing with requests now!

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And the last one for thorrinoakenshield - Bagginshield in palette #15!

This palette was really hard to work with for me, haha. I hope it’s not too difficult to discern what’s what!

Thank you for your requests, they’ve been a lot of fun to work on! ❤️

Send me an ask to request one (or several!) characters done with one of these palettes!

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Tauriel in #69 for thorrinoakenshield!

Send me an ask to request one (or several!) characters done with one of these palettes!

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salt-221b-and-the-tardis asked for Molly Hooper and Irene Adler in #55!
This palette is difficult to work with - such bright colors! I hope the outcome is OK.

Send me an ask to request one (or several!) characters done with one of these palettes!

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