hey, i wanna reblog the hamsteak art thingy from you as the source but im not sure if you actually uploaded it or if i can just reblog the one where someone at least credited your DA and linked
asked by zerachin

I did actually upload it to tumblr!
(God it’s so old and full of mistakes though oh no)

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More adorableness I found on tumblr.

Unless there are other reposts flourishing tumblr that I do not know of, you’ve found this through my own post. With my tumblr on it. That same name that is written on this drawing.

Why repost it? Why remove it from me, take my art (that was a GIFT for someone) from a space where I had access to what happened to it and in what context it was posted, and post it without even a link back to me!

Your post is well over a year old - I just found it through a kind soul that linked it back to me. Probably well irrelevant for you, but I have a right to react, I feel.

Honestly though - why.

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Made a personal blog! It’s mainly for alleviating this one of the various text posts that pop up - and to have a place to keep track of certain posts, engage in conversations etc.

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The Network

The Gamgee Network is for all those who love Tolkien, and for those who go to Mordor and back for their lover best friend.

  • Must be following the Shire Mayor
  • Reblog this post, no likes
  • Must reach 80 notes or this never happened
  • Your ask must be open
  • Your blog must contain Tolkien
  • Clean theme and URL
  • Tagging is a bonus!
  • Making content of any sort is also a huge plus!
  • An active and friendly blogger!
Once Accepted:
  • I will message you if you have been selected, and a second post will be made with the list of blogs accepted!
  • Submit a 120x120 pixel icon, your (nick)name, a short description, and your email
  • Have a link to the network page on your blog
  • You must follow at least 8 people in the network
  • Track the tag "gamgeenet" for updates
  • Have a group of fantastic friends to discuss and cry about the Tolkienverse and await the release of TaBA
  • Gain followers and friends!
  • Receive 3 promos upon request from me!
  • Advice and help with posts, selfies, edits, polls and anything else

If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

woah woah woah did I say 80? Sorry I meant 50 ^^’

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Mads Mikkelsen is becoming to Danes what Van Gogh is to the Dutch, I feel

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Q for people going to Hobbitcon;

Is there really not an easy way to sign up several people for hotel rooms at the Maritim, when ordering through FedCon? It seems as though you need to order one at a time and it just seems a lot of work - we’re a group of 8(!) trying to order and with one person paying.. Have written an email inquiring about it a couple days ago but have yet to receive any response.
Anyone know if there’s an easier way to go about this?

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3 and 15
asked by Anonymous

What I last drew;
(It was partially to please a friend, and was done on my iPad, I take no responsibility for bad anatomy etc)

And as for ‘weird artist behavior’, according to my friend it’s weird that I generally don’t like to show people most of my drawings haha. Other than that, I’m afraid I don’t really have any weird/interesting habits to share with you!

.. Said friend just admitted to have sent me this anon to get me to post that particular picture. Well then.

(Planning on redoing it on the computer once I get back, you’ll get a better version of it then.)

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1 & 2
asked by taters169

Picture of workspace and contents of pencilcase;

Top two pictures are from my sibling’s room where my desktop is currently at - bottom is from my (ridiculously messy) desk. I’ve not been working on anything there for a while, hence the clutter.

And the meager contents of my pencilcase - everything’s pretty selfexplanatory I suppose. Ballpoint pen doubles as an iPad pen.

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/pops in, hello i saw you're artist ask thing so i'm just gonna drop #5 :)
asked by onestrangenovelist

Hi there!
Who/what inspires me - inspiration in terms of other artists has fluctuated a lot over the years, right now I have to admit I don’t really look at a lot of art other than what I see on my dash here on tumblr. So sometimes fanart, but mostly it’s the urge to do fanart that drives me - something I wanted to see from a certain franchise etc.
I generally rarely see art and get inspired by it, I’m afraid! Mostly it’s if I see RL people looking a certain way from a certain angle, a shadow falling a particular way etc - I’ll file that away and experiment with it at a later time.
So I actually do a lot of sitting down and brainstorming for things to draw, when I want to draw.
One artist that does always inspire me is Leonardo da Vinci though, as boring as that sounds haha!
In terms of color palette I am definitely influenced by what TV show/movie I am interested in at the time. Hence my tendency to work with very earthy colors these days, what with The Hobbit and all. Hopefully I’ll get back into doing some Sherlock art again soon, I miss working with those colors.

I hope that made some sense - thank you for your question!

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Artist asks GO!

1:  Take a picture of your workspace.
2:  Show your pencilcase and what's inside.
3:  Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a "doodle" it is.
4:  Lineart or coloring?
5:  Who/what inspires you?
7:  Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.
8:  Redraw one favorite piece of art by other (internet/tumblr) artist.
9:  Do you have any OCs?
10:  Draw a gijinka of your blog.
11:  Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?
12:  Favorite thing to draw?
13:  Least favorite thing to draw?
14:  Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.
 15. Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?
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I would really like to buy your key chains!! But is their a way I can get Fili and Thorin together?
asked by Anonymous

Hello there! Oh, I really ought to just do an option on Etsy for a combo of whichever two anyone would like. Won’t be able to get that done until next week though - you can just buy any combo of two and in the buyer’s note let me know you’re the one who would like that particular combo instead!

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Ulmer is a Danish word, meaning ‘smoldering’, usually used to describe a piece of wood or coal that isn’t burning but still has the potential to produce a flame, if only banked a bit - thought it a very fitting word for both Bilbo and Thorin.

It’s my favourite word and I’ve been wanting to do something with it for a while! These are really different from what I usually do, and while I am not entirely happy with the overall colours, I think I’ve been working on them for a bit too long to do any more. They’ve been really fun to do though!

Available on Redbubble [Bilbo ver. & Thorin ver.] and Society6 [Bilbo ver. & Thorin ver.]

(Friendly reminder that I’m participating in the ‘March month is Bagginshield month’ thing - ask box is open for requests!)

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Hopping aboard the ‘March month is Bagginshield month’ even though I can’t find the exact reasoning - a couple people I follow have talked about it and are taking requests and March isn’t going to be the most fun of months for me, so I am definitely up for distracting myself with shippy drawings ahaha.

So yeah, March month is Bagginshield Request month! Send me an ask/fan mail if you got any ideas for me, darlings!

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Find it hilarious how easygoing Bilbo was around the huge bees at Beorn’s place - even more so if the dwarrows are terrified of them (which they would totally be, being used to living in mountains etc)
Hoping for some scenes with Bilbo enjoying himself at Beorn’s in the Extended Edition.

No references used except for a few for the bees (which turned out wrong anyway oops), apologies for the mistakes.

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Thinking of opening for some cheap sketch commissions when I have the time - trying to figure out the price but hitting that fine line between ‘cheap enough that people will be interested’ and enough that it’s still worth it for me (I.e. 5 cent is cheap but makes more or less no difference to me with the amount of time I will have to do these, etc) sure is a pain.
Thinking of about $2.5 or $3… We’ll see. Need to do some examples first anyway.

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